Benefits of Smart Data Engine

Aggregation of Different Data

Achieve secure aggregation of the free on-line and off-line data with Ali data and secondary processed data to create the new data value

Powerful Development Platform

Provide scalable and elastic cloud resources and super large-scale distributed computing platform; support a variety of development languages and tools

More Approaches to Enjoy Data Outcome

Development outcome can be output to the Smart Data Center; or packaged in the form of API for the production invocation; or attached to the business systems of Ali, such as DMP, Trial Center, etc.

Development Tools of Smart Data Engine
  • Data Development

    Provide a one-stop data integration development environment, including data query, ETL development, data algorithm mining and other functions

  • Modeling Service

    Targeted at the customer groups, the professional modeling prediction service offers a plenty of properties and behavior label data for the customer group analysis and data mining to facilitate easy outcome of personalized customization of customer groups

  • DT PAI

    General algorithm visualization experimental platform. It supports data processing, feature engineering, extensive machine learning algorithms, and large-scale distributed computing for massive data

  • Data Exploration

    Virtual desktop-based platform for data exploration. It supports Python, R and other tools and can be used for the analysis and processing of large amounts of data in a secure environment

  • WebApp Development

    Provide Web-based data application development and release, including interface development and release, interface management, website development, application release on Taobao Open Platform and other functions